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Winners of The Search season 2, Born to Hunt is a reality television series that take viewers on unscripted, adrenaline pumping adventures with 4 compelling characters. As we travel across North America, you get to see that’s it’s not always about the outcome but more about being united in our shared passion. Our concept is unique in the Canadian hunting industry – you can be watching a segment where Eric M is struggling with the elements in BC and in the next segment, Martin is stalking up on big moose in QC. From researching to producing and directing and being in front the camera, we all play different roles in every episode.
As a partnership, we bring various skills and assets to this business venture. Miguel Belisle has 17 years in sales and management. Eric Marion is a conservation officer and brings over 15 years experience with hunting rules and regulations. Martin Marion has been in the emergency field services for 20 years, first as an advance care paramedic for the City of Ottawa and is now a firefighter at the Ottawa International Airport. Eric Lacelle has been a firefighter for 15 years and is also at the Ottawa International Airport.